Three Healthy Gifts Ideas for Foodies

Healthy Gift Idea #1

A Window Herb Garden

Why not bring fragrance, flavor and nutrition to someone’s kitchen year round.  Indoor herb gardens are an easy way to spice up anyone’s culinary repertoire while adding antioxidants.  By using fresh herbs, they can enhance flavors and cut down on salt and sugar.  Fresh herbs like oregano, rosemary, parsley, basil and mint, offer great aromas to the kitchen.  According to Kristyn Hall Rd, compared to 1 cup of ice berg lettuce-raw fresh parsley gives 3 times as much fiber, 8 times the calcium, 16 times the iron, 4 times the potassium, 50 times the vitamin C, 5 times the folate and 17 times the vitamin A?   Herbs pack a powerful antioxidant punch!  A window Herb Garden requires minimal care when placed in the proper light and watered regularly!  The cost is minimal starting as low as $10. Check out your local department stores or purchase online.

Healthy Gift Idea #2

Chef’s Knife

Hammer Stahl Knives
Every cook needs a good Chef's knife. The Chef’s Knife is one of the most used kitchen knives and can be used for everything from chopping to slicing fruits and vegetables. Most chef's knives have a broad blade that curves upward towards the tip to allow the knife to rock for fine mincing. The spine of the blade is thick to add weight and strength. Chef's knives come in blade lengths of 6, 8, 10, and 12 inches. Longer blades can be more difficult to control, but make for faster cuts. Shorter blades allow for greater control for small hands. When purchasing a Chef’s knife consider  High Carbon Steel knife because it can be sharpen easily.  Whatever knife is purchase make sure it is comfortable for you to the person to handle. Visit a few kitchen specialty stores and department stores before purchasing to get a feel for the knife and always check on line for a good price.

Healthy Gift Idea #3

A Gift Certificate for a Cooking Lesson or Healthy Prepared Meals

From learning how to make soups, to Thai food, appetizers, basic knife skills to creating everyday and gourmet dishes, purchase a gift certificate for in home cooking lessons or a workshop at a location.  Share the art of making food taste fantastic and expanding ones’ repertoire!  If you think your loved one would rather have customized prepared meals then a personal chef service gift certificate would be perfect.