Creative Burgers

New Meatless Monday Cookbook

The Hamburger is an American Favorite that has lots of versatility.  recently launched the Monday Burger Project. The goal of this project was to offer recipe options replacing a hamburger with one made with vegetables or beans for your Meatless Monday menu.

An average quarter-pound beef burger contains 31% of the recommended daily limit for saturated fat, and too much saturated fat has been linked to diabetesobesityhigh cholesterol and other preventable conditions. What’s more, the average quarter-pounder requires almost 27 times its weight in livestock feed, 143 billion BTUs of fossil fuel energy and over 52 gallons of water (or 6,758 8oz glasses) to produce.

The free E-Cookbook recipes include everything from delicious veggie burgers to protein-packed bean burgers, with allergen and dairy free options available.  Monday Burger E Cookbook 
Every week try a different Monday Burger recipe!

Have you tried a meatless burger frozen or fresh made? If so, what is your brand or recipe? What toppings do you add to your burger?

The best response with a picture or recipe will win a Kitchen Timer.
Please post response not later than Saturday, January 26, 2013. Winner will be posted on this blog post Monday 1/28/2013. Everyone is invited to share pictures and recipes. but the winner must reside in the United States. 

Bean Burger: photo credit: ZakVTA via photopin cc